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Daucus S.r.l. is an Italian parent company settled in Milan which offers its customers innovative services which makes it unique in the market.

Arli Luce, is the first reality founded by Daucus. The company offers lighting consulting services and design in the lighting design market and everyday accomplishes lighting projects for houses, offices, stadiums, stores and more. Indeed, it is also retailer of everything needed to enlighten at best, from the design rechargeable table lamps to the latest model of LED light bulbs.

Coouo, the co-working space in Milan, is Daucus’ latest news that allows freelancers to be part of a shared space near Bovisa and gives the possibility to expand its communication network through the rent of the office and the consequent encounter with different realities. There is also the possibility to rent a meeting room, Coouo is ready to satisfy any requests!

However, Daucus’ ideas do not stop here and Boothrent, the innovative way to rent the showroom in Milan at a lower price, is the proof. With a visible presence on the Milan area, it meets either the minor and the major demands of placement. Exactly, we offer spaces for your products in the city of fashion and design, without having to rent whole spaces, even for a short time.